The Scoreboard

The Mounted Games Scoreboard is the focal point when it comes to participating in a Mounted Games tournament. The platform ensures that organisers and visitors can follow the tournament before, during and after the event.

Follow competitions

The simple navigation through a tournament gives every user the opportunity to actively follow the ongoing events. All important information such as schedules, race divisions or even the weather forecast of the venue can be viewed with just one click and are always up to date.

Competition flow

If you are interested in running your tournament with the scoreboard, this is possible after activating your account. If your tournament venue is stored on Google Places, it can be selected as the venue through the search function and visitors can even be navigated there directly. It only takes 15 minutes to create a tournament. All games and teams are stored in the system and can thus be added by a simple selection when creating a tournament.

Analysis and ranking

The performance of each individual team is stored in the scoreboard. This provides insight into the teams' successes. In addition, the German ranking list is automatically generated after the end of each tournament. Lists for other leagues in the sport are also automatically generated by the scoreboard.


Mounted Games are fast-paced team equestrian games and certainly the most exciting thing that equestrian sport has to offer, especially for young people. Mounted games are relay races with a higher degree of difficulty in which several teams consisting of four riders and a trainer compete directly against each other. Between the start and change lines, the riders have to complete various tasks.

The Games

The games are played in an arena measuring approx. 50m x 100m. There are 30 different, precisely regulated games that have been standardised and perfected over the years. All games are very simple, but consistently sporty, fast-paced and attractive. Balloons are punctured with lances, cups are placed from one pole to the next, balls are fished out of buckets of water (without dismounting), galloping horses are jumped onto or "simply" slalom ridden.


A lot of skill is demanded from the riders and ponies. In addition to skill and speed, team spirit and harmony between rider and pony are required. Only with solid riding training can you expect good performance in this sport. But the atmosphere must also be right within a team, because Mounted Games is a team sport with 4-5 riders.

Competition flow

Riding is not about time or mistakes, but in an exciting comparison of team against team. Mistakes, such as slalom poles that have been knocked over, must be corrected immediately. In this way, the lead can change quickly within a game. The team with the pony nose in front at the end wins and receives the most points for the overall ranking. A main referee and five line judges supervise the observance of the rules of the game, which essentially include gentle behaviour towards the pony/horse. The field is rebuilt after each game by the helpers, the so-called arena party.

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