Rule-Book Four Flag

1 four flag holder in line with the first row of bending poles, and 1 cone holding 4 flags on the 2 metre mark at the changeover end, offset between the bending pole lines.

Rider 1 rides to the cone at the changeover end to collect a flag, rides back to place the flag in the matching colour holder, then rides to cross the Start/Finish line.

Riders 2, 3, and 4 repeat the actions of Rider 1.

Flags may be collected in any sequence.

Riders must be mounted when placing their flag into the holder (rule CR6.2 does not apply for this action), but if the holder is knocked over all flags may be replaced either mounted or dismounted, including their own, providing it had already been placed into the holder prior to it being knocked over. Colour matching of flags and holders must be respected at all times.