Rule-Book HiLo

4 cones each supporting a tennis ball in the first 4 positions, and 1 HiLo stand on the 2 metre mark at the changeover end, offset between the bending pole lines. Rider 1 starts with a tennis ball.

Rider 1 rides to the HiLo stand, places the tennis ball in the net, rides to collect another ball from the top of a cone and hands it over to the next rider.

Riders 2 and 3 repeat the actions of Rider 1.

Rider 4 repeats the actions of the other riders, finishing with the tennis ball.

In the event of the ball missing the net, the rider may dismount to pick up the ball but it must be placed into the net from the mounted position (rule CR6.2 does not apply for this action). If the stand is knocked over and balls spill out of the net then any ball which had previously already been placed into the net can be replaced from the ground.