Rule-Book Litter Lifters

1 bin on the centre line, and 4 litter cartons touching each other on the 2 metre mark at the changeover end, offset between the bending pole lines. The cartons are flat on the ground, at 90° to the Changeover Line, and with the open ends of the cartons facing away from the Start/Finish line. Rider 1 starts with a litter stick.

Rider 1 rides to the changeover end to collect a piece of litter with the stick whilst mounted, rides back to drop it in the bin, and rides to hand over the litter stick to the next rider.

Riders 2 and 3 repeat the actions of Rider 1

Rider 4 repeats the actions of the other riders, finishing with the litter stick.

Litter may only be touched by hand when 1) litter has been pierced by the stick and the rider has to remove it, but it must then be dropped into the bin from the stick; or 2) the bin has been knocked over, and the rider has to retrieve the spilled litter and replace it in the bin; or 3) litter has been squashed, in which case any rider may dismount to repair the litter, replace it in the correct position, and then remount to collect it in the normal way. Litter that is pierced or squashed is not deemed to be broken equipment as defined in rule CR2.1. Litter dropped outside the bin must be recovered and dropped in the bin with the stick, either mounted or dismounted.