Rule-Book Pony Express

Postman with 4 letters behind the Changeover Line in line with the first 4 bending poles. Rider 1 starts with mail bag.

Rider 1 weaves between the 4 poles to carry the mail bag to the changeover end, collects a letter from the postman, places the letter in the bag, weaves between the poles gain, and hands over the bag to the next rider.

Riders 2 and 3 repeat the actions of Rider 1.

Rider 4 repeats the actions of the other riders, finishing with the mail bag.

The letters must be collected in the following order : 1 Red, 2 Blue, 3 Yellow, 4 Green.

The top of the mail bag must not be rolled down.

Both rider and pony as well as the postman must be behind the changeover line when collecting a letter from the postman. The postman may hold a pony while the letter is being put into the mail bag by the rider, and may pick up a dropped letter or mail bag, but only when behind the changeover line. The postman must remain behind the changeover line at all times. If the postman is knocked into the field of play then the active rider must remain or return behind the changeover line until the postman and letters are once again behind the changeover line. The postman must not put the letter in the mail bag. Riders may only hold the mail bag with one hand when handing over. The letter must be in the bag and the rider’s hands out of the bag before a rider crosses the finish line.

Normally the fifth rider of a team is the postman, but if a team has only 4 members, any MGA member can take the role of postman.

The postman must wear an approved, correctly fitted riding hat with the chin strap securely fastened as well as suitable and safe footwear.