Rule-Book Bank Race

1 cone with number holder and 4 numbers with the red side outwards on the centre line (number 1 to be hanging on the start line side of the number holder with 0’s hanging on the other three hooks), and 1 bank stand on the 2 metre mark at the hangeover end, offset between the bending pole lines.

Rider 1 rides to the cone, collects a number, rides to the stand, hangs the number on a hook on the board with the black side showing, and rides to cross the Start/Finish line.

Riders 2, 3, and 4 repeat the actions of Rider 1.

Riders may only remove numbers from the number holder whilst the holder is resting on the cone. Riders must place the number they have taken from the cone from the mounted position (rule CR6.2 does not apply for this action). Numbers lready on the board which are displaced may be replaced from the ground. The numbers may be collected from the cone in any order, but must be hung on the board in the correct position so that it reads 1, 0, 0, 0 from left to right with all numbers showing black.