Rule-Book Bang a Balloon

1 balloon board with 6 inflated balloons across the centre line, offset between the bending pole lines. 4 bending poles in positions 2 and 3 delimit the area allowed for the board. Rider 1 starts with the balloon spear.

Rider 1 rides to the balloon board, bursts a balloon using either the point of the spear or by striking the balloon with the spear, rides on to the changeover end, and hands the spear over to the next rider.

Rider 2 follows the same sequence of actions in the opposite direction.

Rider 3 repeats the actions of Rider 1, and Rider 4 repeats the actions of Rider 2, finishing with the spear.

Each rider must burst at least one balloon. Any rider can burst the balloons in either direction. Bent or broken points in the end of the spear are not considered as broken equipment. The whole of the balloon board must stay in the team lane and in between the second and third bending poles during the game. If it moves outside this area it must be replaced immediately. Consequently, these poles are considered as part of the equipment for this game and must be replaced if knocked down.