Rule-Book Jousting

1 jousting board on 2 large cones across the centre line, offset between the bending pole lines. Rider 1 starts with a jousting lance.

Rider 1 rides to the jousting board to knock down a target with the point of the lance, and rides to the changeover end to hand the lance over to the next rider by the handle.

Rider 2 follows the same sequence of actions in the opposite direction.

Rider 3 repeats the actions of Rider 1, and Rider 4 repeats the actions of Rider 2, finishing with the lance.

Targets must be knocked down with the point of the lance, not sideswiped in passing, but may be knocked down from either direction. The lance must be held by the handle when knocking down targets, when crossing the Start/Finish or changeover line and during changeovers. Any rider knocking down more than one target must reposition those knocked down in error.