Rule-Book Agility Aces

6 stepping stones in a straight line across the centre line, offset between the bending pole lines. 30cm between stone

Rider 1 rides towards the stepping stones, dismounts, and leading the pony by the rein(s) only (and not leaning on or against the pony as assistance or support of their bodyweight), steps on each consecutive stone in turn, followed by at least one step on the ground before remounting and riding to cross the line at the changeover end.

Rider 2 follows the same sequence of actions in the opposite direction.

Rider 3 repeats the actions of Rider 1, and Rider 4 repeats the actions of Rider 2.

Any rider can cross the stones in either direction.

If any rider or pony knocks over a stepping stone, the rider's feet touch the ground while stepping along the line of stepping stones, or the rider misses stepping on one of the stones, then the rider must replace any upset equipment and then cross all the stepping stones in either direction stepping on each consecutive stone in turn.