The Draw

Session 1

Session 1 Heat 1
ENG Evie & Esme Woodall
ENG Chloe Harvey & Ella Norris
ENG Harriet Williamson & Ella Trevor-Jones
ENG Ellie & Henry Swann
ENG Bea McArt & Heidi Robertson
ENG Ellie & George Simcock
WAL William McDonald & Evie Andrews
WAL Olivia & Gwenny
Session 1 Heat 2
ENG Lewis Burton and Archie Holland-Vince
ENG Hunter Ashby-Burns and Phoebe Chick
WAL Phoebe Carvell & Bella Davies
ENG Fin & Lexi Rogers
ENG Evan McClarnan & Owain Lewis
ENG Lola & Bonnie James
WAL Rowan Davies & Harry Thomas
ENG Isaac Simcock & Oakley Stamp